Water mist for EV

Water mist is the most efficient FSS for EV, according to research.

Safe for use in EV

Fogmaker’s water mist will not penetrate IP classification IP66 or higher.

Easy to clean

After an activation of the system, simply rinse well with pure water.

The problem

Secure the fire safety of your electrical vehicle

The evolution of electromobility is moving faster and faster. An electric powertrain offers the removal of liquid fuels and the hot surfaces associated with internal combustion engines. Nevertheless, other fire initiators remain, like heaters, A/C-compressors, hydraulic fluids, 12/24-volt systems and flammable materials such as insulation and interior textiles. Also, the early stage of standardization permit the variety of installation designs to add further unknown risks. Hence, equipping electrified vehicles with a high-performance Fire Suppression System (FSS) such as Fogmaker’s, contributes greatly to the fire safety of your vehicle.

our solution

Pinpoint known and suspected fire initiators

Fogmaker’s high-performance water mist system is ideal to protect common fire initiators. The Fogmaker system can be used to pinpoint known and suspected fire initiators, but can also be used to thermally shield and cool the exterior of a battery pack in an electric vehicle, to prevent fire from spreading towards the battery pack, or knock down flames and give extra time for evacuation.

How it works

Outstanding choking and cooling technique

High-pressure water mist has an outstanding choking and cooling effect. They system is always active – no power supply is needed for activation or system monitoring. Fogmaker has a longer emptying time than many competing systems, which can be critical to prevent reignition. 


Safe for use in most electric environments

Water mist cannot conduct electricity in the range of voltage found in automotive applications. This is assured by the micro-sized droplets of water mist and insulating air in between those droplets. Fogmaker’s water mist will not penetrate IP classification IP66 or higher, making it safe for use in most electric environments.

Download our brochure about Fogmaker fire suppression in Electric Vehicles.

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Fogmaker's high-pressure water-based mist efficiently suppresses fires in engine rooms and other enclosed spaces. This makes our product a viable option for a wide range of customers.


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