Outstanding effect

Outstanding choking and cooling effect during a longer time makes safe evacuation possible.


Low Total Cost of Ownership with annual inspection, 5-year and 10-year service.

International network

Global distributor presence and local knowledge.

Active 24/7

The system is always ready. No power supply needed for activation or system monitoring.

our solution

A superior suppression technology limits the consequences

Our fire suppression system, with highly efficient high-pressure water mist, is today the natural choice for over 300,000 vehicles worldwide. We have over 25 years of experience and a worldwide network of distributors.

The key to performance

High-pressure water mist has excellent cooling performance and provides oxygen displacement. Fogmaker fire suppression system spreads a fine high-pressure water mist over the fire. This efficiently cools the fire while displacing air when it vaporizes, so the oxygen volume reduces in the protected area. The extinguishant is water with an optional antifreeze additive, and a small film-forming chemical that covers the fuel of the fire and prevents reignition.

Enclosed spaces where a fire is hard to detect

Fogmaker fire suppression system functions in enclosed spaces that are difficult to reach with powder and plain water. The system can be activated manually or automatically. Our system has a longer emptying time compared to many other competing systems. It is extremely important for us to carry out a risk assessment together with the customer before the system is installed. The risk to human life is always the highest priority for Fogmaker.