Outstanding effect

Chokes the fire quickly. Cooling time at least double compared to other certified systems*.

*SP4912 method test result

Active 24/7

The system is always ready. No power supply is needed for activation or system monitoring.


Low Total Cost of Ownership through quick and easy maintenance.

International network

Global distributor presence and local knowledge. We offer you certified training for easy installation directly in the factory.

The problem

Prevent damage to the truck, people, and surroundings

A fire in a truck engine compartment can lead to several disastrous consequences. It may mean risk for the driver’s life, risk of loss of the truck, as well as unwanted downtime and even loss of valuable goods being transported.

Many trucks operate in environments where a fire could lead to severe risks to the surroundings and people, such as tunnels or underground mines.

Another large number of trucks transport under the ADR, from which the classes EX II, EX III and FL are subject to an immense risk to their surroundings as it could lead to a BLEVE*. 

*Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion

our solution

Ideal FIRE suppression technology for a truck engine

Fogmaker takes safety seriously. Fogmaker fire suppression system with high-pressure water mist is an ideal suppression technology for a truck engine, as it operates independently of the vehicles position, horizontally or vertically, as well as independently of electric power. Fogmaker high-pressure water mist also chokes a fire quickly, and offers an evacuation time of at least double that of other certified fire suppression systems. This ensures a superior cooling effect that minimizes the risk of reignition.

How it works

Outstanding choking and cooling technology

High-pressure water mist has an outstanding choking and cooling effect. The system is always active – no power supply is needed for activation or system monitoring. Fogmaker has a longer emptying time than many competing systems, and this is critical to prevent reignition.  



Most truck fires start in the engine compartment. This area typically has large quantities of diesel fuel and hydraulic oil – often under high pressure – and an ignited fire can lead to a rapid and disastrous series of events almost impossible to suppress with a hand-held fire extinguisher. Fogmaker’s system keeps vehicles and drivers safe, in an environmentally friendly way and with a low total cost of ownership. The system has been installed in thousands of trucks around the world.

It is particularly important to protect ADR vehicles and other trucks that transport potentially flammable goods; a fire in a truck that’s moving an explosive or flammable substance can have horrifying consequences. Fogmaker suppresses an engine room fire quickly, and the long release time cools down affected areas and lowers the risk of reignition.

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Fogmaker's high-pressure water-based mist efficiently suppresses fires in engine rooms and other enclosed spaces. This makes our product a viable option for a wide range of customers.


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