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Sustainability at Fogmaker

Sustainability is to look at the complete picture – economy, environment, and social welfare. At Fogmaker International AB we work according to our core values: Expertise, Integrity, and Commitment. We look at a product life cycle analysis to visualize the total CO2-footprint from our product’s production and transportation.

Sustainability at Fogmaker

Sustainability at Fogmaker

Analyzes and strives to reduce environmental impact in our product development.

Strives to phase out the use of any potentially harmful substances and materials where possible, and works to ensure safe handling throughout the value chain.

Works with circularity and improved material efficiency through reuse and increased recycling of materials during service.

Electrical consumption is 100% renewable energy from wood biofuel.

Complies with all external laws and regulations, including Reach, RoHS and Conflict minerals.



Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with Fogmaker fire suppression systems.

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