Active 24/7

Always active – no power supply is needed for activation or system monitoring.

Outstanding effect

Choking and cooling time at least double compared to other certified systems*, which prevents reignition and gives time for a safe evacuation.

*SP4912 method test result

Robust system

Assured and a solid system for tough environments.

Conscious design

Position independent and small-sized pipes and space-conscious design.


Cylinder works regardless of its orientation.

Minimal downtime

Quick recharging for minimal downtime.


Low Total Cost of Ownership through quick and easy maintenance.

International network

Global distributor presence and local knowledge. We offer you certified training for easy installation directly in the factory.

Product development

Fogmaker has its own product development in-house

Triple Action

The Fogmaker system has a Triple Action – attacks all three sides of the fire triangle. 


The Fogmaker system is tailor-made according to each type of vehicle.

Highly reliable and adapted for demanding environments

The water mist gives an immediate choking and cooling effect. Water mist is unique, because it fills the entire fire-protected area and reaches fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles. The total life span cost of Fogmaker suppression systems is low compared to other systems. It is highly reliable and adapted for demanding environments. A large service network guarantees fast actions.

Automatic fire suppression systems are required

Many places around the world already require automatic fire suppression systems in vehicles, and more countries, insurance companies, and operators, are being added to the list.

Market leader with installations worldwide

We are the market leaders for fire suppression systems for buses. In 2016 we were the first fire suppression system who was approved according to R107. In total, we have carried out more than 300,000 installations worldwide.

business segments

Fogmaker's main business segments

Fogmaker's high-pressure water-based mist efficiently suppresses fires in engine rooms and other enclosed spaces. This makes our product a viable option for a wide range of customers.


Airport GSE



Electrical Vehicles

Forestry machine from Rotten, using a Fogmaker system


Material Handling

Mining and Tunneling


Other Segments

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