PFAS-Free for the Future

Eco 1

Fogmaker’s Eco 1 is a unique fire suppressant that handles all three sides of the fire triangle: heat, oxygen, and fuel – and it’s 100% free from PFAS. It instead contains environmentally friendly tensides to prevent re-ignition.

High-pressure water mist is a tried and true fire suppression technique that works in engine compartments and other enclosed spaces. 1 liter of mist expands to 1700 liters of fog, displacing oxygen and cooling the area.

Fogmaker has developed and verified Eco 1 for a long time, and it has excellent fire suppression properties. This can be seen in the R107 and SBF 127 certifications where the volumes are the same as with Fogmaker Original. Eco 1 was the first PFAS-free liquid to be approved for SBF 127, and after December 31, 2023, all SBF-based systems will be installed with Eco 1.

Fogmaker’s original suppressant contains small amounts of PFAS and will remain on the market for a transition period, but the goal is that all new systems installed will use Eco 1. 

Fogmaker prioritizes sustainability

Sustainability is about looking at the complete picture: economy, environment, and social welfare. It is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future.

At Fogmaker, we base our operations on our core values: expertise, integrity, and commitment, and we work with life cycle analyses to visualize the complete carbon dioxide footprint from both manufacturing and transports.

We strive to phase out all uses of potentially harmful substances and materials, and developing a new and PFAS-free suppression liquid has been a natural next step in the process.

Our new liquid, Eco 1, is GreenScreen Certified™ at the silver level. This means a third party has approved all substances in the liquid from both a health and an environmental aspect.

Fogmaker International

How it works

  1. The Fogmaker system detects a fire and releases ECO 1 – a water-based mist under high pressure.
  2. The heat from the fire turns the mist into steam, which displaces oxygen and chokes the fire.
  3. The mist turning into steam and evaporating takes energy from the fire and cools the area.
  4. The ECO 1 liquid also creates a protective layer that works like a fire blanket and prevents flame-ups and re-ignition.

What is PFAS?

PFAS, also known as high fluorine substances, are a group of chemicals that repel fats, dirt, and water. There are thousands of PFAS chemicals on the market, used in everything from frying pans to beauty products – and fire suppression products.

PFAS chemicals are stable chemical compounds that remain in nature for a long time. Many PFAS components break down very slowly or not at all. These chemicals can also be bioaccumulating, which means they build up in animals and people.

 Fogmaker’s original liquid contains low amounts of PFAS, and we have developed a new suppressant that is 100% PFAS free: Eco 1. The transition ensures that we can provide reliable fire suppression and protect health and environment.

For electric vehicles…

…with an IP classification of 66 or higher. Water mist does not conduct electricity and can be used in electric vehicles. The mist does not penetrate components with an IP classification of IP 66 or above.

Fogmaker’s system covers risk areas where fires often begin and can prevent a fire from spreading to the battery. If the battery still catches fire, Fogmaker cools and controls the blaze to gain time for evacuating the vehicle.

Download the brochure about Eco 1 and R107.