Robust system

Assured and a solid system for tough environments.

Conscious design

Position independent and small-sized pipes and space-conscious design.

Active 24/7

Always active – no power supply is needed for activation or system monitoring.

The problem

Increased risk of fires in engine compartmentS

Increased demands on reduced noise and emission of exhaust fumes have led to enclosed and more insulated engine compartments, higher fuel pressures, and increased engine compartment temperatures. Most fires start in the engine compartment.

our solution

Permanently installed and fully automatic fire suppression system

A well-developed fire in an engine compartment often has a rapid progression and is impossible to fight with a hand extinguisher. The solution is a permanently installed and fully automatic fire suppression system.

How it works

Outstanding choking and cooling technique that is always active

High-pressure water mist has an outstanding choking and cooling effect. The system is always active – no power supply is needed for activation or system monitoring. Also, Fogmaker has a longer emptying time than many competing systems, which is critical to prevent reignition and downtime. This also buys extremely valuable time for evacuation. With 27 years of experience and a wide international network, we offer you a reliable and robust system with a low TCO.


Standard option or retrofit

OEM:s choose to sell Fogmaker fire suppression as a standard option, and end customers choose to retrofit existing machinery.

Download our brochure about fire suppression for construction equipment!

business segments

Fogmaker's main business segments

Fogmaker's high-pressure water-based mist efficiently suppresses fires in engine rooms and other enclosed spaces. This makes our product a viable option for a wide range of customers.


Airport GSE



Electrical Vehicles

Forestry machine from Rotten, using a Fogmaker system


Material Handling

Mining and Tunneling


Other Segments

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