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Fogmaker academy

At Fogmaker Academy we offer courses to become Fogmaker Certified, and this is necessary to perform services and installations on our system. The training is mandatory for all our partners.

Fogmaker Academy offers four levels of training courses, which contain both theoretical and practical training.

Training at Fogmaker

How to become FOGMAKER certified

Step 1
Annual control. Trainings are currently in-person, but online training opportunities are planned for the future.

Step 2
Complete service. After taking this course, you are authorized to fill and empty the detector bottle and piston accumulator. This means you can perform a 5 year service (exchange the Fogmaker liquid) and reset an activated system.

Step 3
Installation. With this certificate, you are authorized to install a complete system on a vehicle.

Step 4/5
Trainer for service/installation. This is the level to become a trainer for service, or both service and installation.

Prerequisites for step 4/5 are to have completed steps 1, 2, and 3, and to have practical experience from installing and performing service on the Fogmaker system. To learn more and to partake in our trainings, please contact us at



Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with Fogmaker fire suppression systems.