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Fogmaker academy

At Fogmaker Academy we offer training for service and installation to become a certified Fogmaker technician. The training is mandatory for all our partners.

Fogmaker Academy offers three levels of training, with both theoretical and practical portions.

Training at Fogmaker

How to become FOGMAKER certified

1.1 Annual Control
Training to perform the annual service of Fogmaker’s system.

1.2 Service and Resetting
This entails a full service. The difference between 1.1 and 1.2 is that after completing 1.2, you are authorized to refill and empty both the detector bottle and the piston accumulator. This means you are qualified to perform the 5 and 10-year services, including replacing the suppressant and resetting triggered systems.

2.1 Installation
Gives authorization to install Fogmaker’s fire suppression systems. This course requires prior knowledge from 1.1 and 1.2.

The certification is valid for three years from completion, personal, and tied to the course participant’s employer. If a certified technician changes employer, recertification is required.

Contact your regular sales representative to learn about course offerings suitable for your company. Contact information can be found here.



Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with Fogmaker fire suppression systems.