Safety can never be A compromise

Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with Fogmaker fire suppression systems.

Triple action

attacks all three sides of the fire triangle


Cools the heat.


Displaces oxygen.


Smothers the fuel.

Triple action³

attacks all three sides of the fire triangle


Displacement of oxygen.


Smothering of the fuel


Cools the heat

What we do

A closer look at Fogmaker

This is how Fogmaker is installed in a wheel loader.

Business segments

Fogmaker’s main business segments

Fogmaker’s water-based mist and unique patented nozzles efficiently suppress fires in engine compartments and other enclosed spaces.

Airport GSE


Material Handling

Mining and Tunneling



Electrical Vehicles

Forestry machine from Rotten, using a Fogmaker system


Other Segments



Welcoming Johan Bjerstedt, new Sales and Marketing Manager
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Welcome Johan Bjerstedt, new Sales and Marketing Manager

Fogmaker International AB, one of the leading global suppliers of fire suppression systems for engine compartments and enclosed spaces, is…
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here and Fogmaker International will have a limited staff until the new year. Both production and…
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Exciting News: Fogmaker Finland Oy

Fogmaker International acquires the assets from Siveb Oy and expands its market presence in Finland Fogmaker International AB, one of…
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Holiday hours 2023

Holiday Hours

Fogmaker will have a limited staff over the holidays. Both production and logistics will be closed from December 23 to…
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Meet Fogmaker at Agritechnica

Meet Fogmaker at Agritechnica!

Agritechnica takes place in Hanover, November 12-18. Fogmaker will be in Hall 15, H12 and have a live demo at…
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Fogmaker benefits

Fogmaker’s water-based mist chokes fires quickly and keeps cooling the area to prevent flare-ups. Now 100% PFAS-Free with our new liquid, Fogmaker Eco 1!

Buys time

A longer deployment time which prevents reignition and downtime. It also buys time for evacuation.

Lower cost

The total life span cost of Fogmaker suppression systems is low compared to competing systems.

Always active

Fogmaker is always active – no power supply needed for activation or system monitoring.

Effective reach

Water mist fills the entire fire-protected area and reaches fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles.


You can budget for servicing But not for fires

Fogmaker is a high-quality system that represents a small investment in relation to what it can protect. A properly serviced, well-functioning Fogmaker system protects vehicles worth large sums of money and can reduce downtime from several months to just one day. Investing in servicing is a very inexpensive way of saving lives.

Low TCO when performing annual controls, a 5-year and a 10-year service.

Guaranteed function provided that the Fogmaker system is installed by a certified Fogmaker distributor or authorized service technician.

Fogmaker’s warranty is valid for 24 months.

Customer cases

Meet customers using Fogmaker

Today more than 280,000 vehicles in more than 50 countries are equipped with Fogmaker’s high-pressure water mist systems. We are proud of the trust our customers around the world are showing us.


Performance cannot be A compromisE

Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with Fogmaker fire suppression systems.

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