In the dynamic world of fire suppression systems, there’s an extraordinary opportunity for those who dare take the lead. As a Fogmaker Partner you are entrusted with premium systems and serve as a market driver, technical frontline, and aftermarket manager.

Fogmaker Partners revolutionize safety and protect lives.


As a Fogmaker Partner, you become the catalyst for change. Embrace the power of our cutting-edge fire suppression systems, fueled by reliable technology and trustworthy engineering. With Fogmaker you possess the tools to safeguard lives, vehicles, and dreams. Let quality be your driving force as you redefine the landscape of fire safety.

As a Fogmaker parter, you are responsible for sales, installations, and aftermarket services.

Embrace the role of a market driver, leading the charge towards a safer tomorrow. Educate and inspire others about the unparalleled benefits of Fogmaker’s solutions. Champion our products, highlighting their efficacy, environmental sustainability, and superior performance. Through your passion and knowledge, you have the power to shape industry standards and forge new paths of safety. 

The sales process contains several parts:

  • Business management: Keep an overview of the present market situation, exhibitions, marketing, and similar
  • Innovative thinking: New potential different applications are welcomed at Fogmaker 
  • Customer care: Assist and guide customers from the idea stage to implementation.  
  • Planning and Logistics: Secure and organize goods deliveries from Fogmaker all the way to customers  
  • Aftermarket and Service: Make sure customers have all the support they need for their systems

As a technical frontline representative, you become a hero in action. Stand at the forefront of fire suppression, armed with expertise and a commitment to excellence. Equip yourself with in-depth knowledge of our systems, ensuring flawless installations, maintenance, and inspections.  

Important things to consider about the installation portion of being a Fogmaker partner:

  • Technical knowledge: Installers must acquire technical training and be certified by Fogmaker – all work on Fogmaker systems must be performed by authorized technicians.
  • Risk analysis: Each vehicle requires a thorough analysis of hazardous areas. Factors affecting the analysis include type of vehicle, model, year, engine, and standards/rules that must be followed.
  • Design and installation: The risk analysis serves as the basis for system design and once designed, the system must be installed.
  • Service: Each system require an annual inspection, 5-year service, and a 10-year service.

Managing the aftermarket helps you cultivate enduring relationships with customers. Offer exceptional service and respond to customers’ needs with urgency, empathy, and integrity. Nurture partnerships that extend beyond initial sales, and provide ongoing support, training, and maintenance. Your commitment to customer satisfaction will be the cornerstone of long-term success. 

As a Fogmaker partner, you hold the power to form the future of fire supression, to transform safety standards, and protect what matters most. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity with unwavering dedication, fueled by the knowledge that every action you take can save lives and make a lasting impact. 

Seize this moment, and let your journey as a Fogmaker partner be marked by innovation, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we will build a safer world, where fire suppression systems are not just tools but beacons of hope and protection. 

Embrace your role. Form the future. Become the driving force behind fire safety as a Fogmaker partner. 

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