Three successful shows


The world’s largest show

It has been a hectic fall for Fogmaker and we just completed three exhibitions. This year the 33rd edition of Bauma was held and this is the trade show we always return to. Bauma is the world’s largest exhibition for construction vehicles, mining machines etc. 

Fogmaker fire suppression system is always of interest in the field of construction equipment and more and more operators ask for high-pressure water mist and our solution. We are well experienced in both under- as over ground vehicles which naturally is a competitive advantage for us, and it is a reliable choice for the customer. This year’s exhibition was no exception from previous years – new contacts and many interesting prospects to follow up. Thanks to everyone visiting us.

Premiere at IAA 

One of Fogmaker’s focus segments the next coming years will be Trucks and now with a natural focus on the latest regulations for ADR trucks. Therefore, it was a given choice for us to participate at IAA Transportation for the first time. The industry is realizing that there is an available technology in fire suppression systems, to further enhance safety and reduce the risk of lost business. The IAA exhibition also focused on safety and the latest regulations for the ADR were presented, which will mean that ADR trucks of type EX/III and FL will need to have a certified fire suppression system installed from the factory. We could explain the consequences in case of fire in a truck carrying combustible, or even explosive, material and how it can be devastating and include a severe risk for the driver and the public. Further, any truck could potentially have an engine fire, which in case it happens during the movement through a several kilometer long tunnel, causes a life-threatening situation for any individual in the tunnel at the time. 

GSE Expo

Another premiere for us was at the GSE Expo in Paris. A show dedicated for Ground Support Equipment – a segment where we continue to grow.  GSE Expo was a very well-organized exhibition, with a good-sized hall and most important – our existing and potential customers were present.

The GSE segment has been very important when it comes to and even better knowledge and experience of how to protect both diesel and electrical high-risk GSE equipment. Safety is highly important in this segment yet; the smaller ground support machines often lack the fire safety equipment needed. There have been some severe accidents in recent years at airports where the planes have been badly damaged due to GSE fires, that could have been avoided.

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