There are three steps to becoming a partner

Steps to Becoming a Partner

There are three steps on the path to partnership, each with different requirements and different outcomes. First, we need to share values and see the potential in each other. Second, we commit and work closely together for a limited time. Last, success blooms from our efforts.

Fogmaker is here, guiding you through these steps, offering support, and sharing in successes, making our partnership strong, long-lived, and fruitful.

Cogwheels working together

SteP 1: Potential PArtner

Before our initial meeting, you need to prepare and lay the groundwork for a successful partnership.

It is important to know your potential market. Map the market to unveil potential OEMs and end customers. Knowing the market – and defining the width of our combined potential reach – lays a solid foundation for cultivating strategic partnerships and possible connections.

Prepare a basic business plan. This will act like a map, set the course for future collaboration, and show us the way forward. The business plan helps us shape our journey together.

Create a company presentation that talks about your team, what you’re good at, what you’ve done before, and important projects you’re committed to.

Gather a solid understanding of our product. Have you worked on similar applications before and what was your experience with that? Make sure you understand the markets we work in now and feel welcome to give ideas to which other segments the product could fit in the future.

Showcase your current technical abilities and outline your strategies for future growth and enhancement.

Express the desire to establish a foundation of trust through signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This gesture underscores our commitment to safeguarding our shared visions.

Be prepared for an initial investment sufficient to cover expenses related to products and training needs, ensuring a strong foundation for our collaborative journey as we proceed to the trial phase.

After the initial meeting, Fogmaker can provide you with:

  • Price estimates, excluding Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Supplying a nomination letter, or e-mail if preferred
  • Fogmaker product and system training
  • Sales training
  • A contract for mutual signing
  • Service training
  • Planning for the mandatory installation training (not included in the initial investment)


Once the NDA is successfully agreed upon, the trial contract is signed, and the initial investment confirmed, we transition into a trial period. In this phase, both our companies have the chance to become more acquainted with each other and collaborate closely.

This time frame is dedicated to making significant efforts in establishing robust and effective working relations. Our goal with this phase is to forge a partnership that extends over the long-term and is characterized by mutual trust and successful cooperation.

The short-term contract aims to establish a solid partnership by creating:

  1. Communication – Establishing communication channels between the two companies gives access to Fogmaker’s internal resources
  2. Strong Teamwork – Fogmaker’s internal resources are at the partner’s disposal as they improve their technical, quality, and marketing-related capabilities.
  3. Partner Growth – Knowing the market and being in control of it are two different things. During the trial period, Fogmaker and the new partner work on taking control of the market.
  4. Listening to the Market – Hearing and learning what the specific market wants.
  5. Eagerness to Work Together – Getting to know each other establishes trust and motivation.

During the trial period, we check how things are going and make sure both sides have mutual growth and fulfillment. After this, we agree upon a long-lasting partnership.

Step 3: Established Partner

Fogmaker where Fogmaker cannot be.

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