Fire suppression systems in forestry machines


The combination of wood chips, chippings and bark that whirl around, hydraulic oil, fuel and high temperatures constitute a high fire risk area in the engine compartment of a forest machine.  As the forest machines often work in distant areas, the fire’s course of event is highly dependent on the machine and the operator’s fire suppression capacity. The consequence of an engine fire in a forest machine is at best a production stop. In worst case the whole forest burns down.

A fire in an unprotected engine compartment is hard to detect in time and often develops in intensity extremely quickly. This type of fire is almost impossible to fight with a portable fire extinguisher. Because of this, the need for safety regulations has increased over the past years leading to the installation of completely automatic and permanent fire suppression systems in wood chip trucks and forestry machinery. This has spread to more and more countries, insurance agencies and manufacturers/operators throughout the world. 

Fogmaker’s technology, using high-pressure water mist provides the right conditions to combat the complex conditions of a fire that may arise in an engine compartment.