We are delighted that you want to bECOME A FOGMAKER PARTNER!

Evaluating and Selecting New PArtners

Welcome to the page with more detailed information on how Fogmaker evaluates and selects new partners. We will work closely together and it’s important we’re a good fit for each other.

This page will serve as your guide and help you make informed decisions.

ARe we a good fit?

The selection of new partners is a critical process that can greatly impact the success and reputation of Fogmaker. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate and assess potential partners against the following criteria. These points are important for you too – the right partnerships lead growth, innovation, and success.

We assess the applicant’s genuine interest and evaluate the level of enthusiasm and commitment they display towards partnering with Fogmaker. We look for passion, dedication, and a shared vision of creating a safer world.

We gauge the applicant’s knowledge to see their understanding of Fogmaker’s product range, benefits, and possible applications. We also look for the necessary knowledge to drive promotions and sales.

We evaluate the applicant’s technical expertise and assess their capabilities in terms of installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Potential partners need to have sufficient skills to handle the Fogmaker systems.

We analyze market insights. Fogmaker encourages partners to provide their perspective on the market potential for Fogmaker systems. This evaluation includes understanding of target industries, market trends, and customer needs.

We evaluate the partner’s alignment with Fogmaker’s core values: integrity, expertise, and commitment. We must ensure that our partners’ values align with Fogmaker’s vision, mission, and core values.

Fogmaker's core values

Open and transparent communication will help both parties gain a comprehensive understanding of each other’s capabilities, aspirations, and values.


What types of partners do we have, and what do you need to prepare to become one?