Fire suppression systems for construction machines

Increased demands on reduced noise and emission of exhaust fumes have led to enclosed and more insulated engine compartments, higher fuel pressures and increased engine compartment temperatures. Most fires start in the engine compartment. A well-developed fire in an engine compartment often has a very intensive course of event and is impossible to fight with a hand extinguisher.  The solution is a permanently installed and fully automatic fire suppression system.

Fogmaker has developed a method that suppresses with the help of three basic mechanisms. High pressure water mist is a far superior fire suppression technique in engine compartments.  The high pressure in combination with special nozzles creates microdroplets with an average size of 50 µm. As a comparison, 8000 of these microdroplets are needed to fill a regular water drop of 1 mm in diameter.

Large quantities of fuel and hydraulic oil constitute great risks for machines. If they also operate in flammable environments such as the forest industry, recycling or the petrochemical industry flammable material is often accumulated on the engine and can easily ignite. The fires often have a very rapid development.

The water mist protects against fires in engine compartments, hydraulics and built-in brakes. The systems are fully or semi-automatic with hydropneumatic detection. The advantage with Fogmaker is that the fire suppression system manages heavy voltage variations that can occur during welding work and start assistance and that the system operates independent of power supply.

Fogmaker's unique construction means that it will always be completely emptied, regardless of the installation angle or position when released.
This is a great advantage since it permits horizontal installation in cramped compartments and this saves space. This is also a decisive safety
factor when the extinguisher is installed in a vehicle where there is a risk that the vehicle can land on its side.