Fire suppression for agriculture machines

Engine fires are difficult to deal with owing to their complexity, the danger they pose, and their physical aspects. Fire and explosions are risks associated with agriculture. The build-up of debris on machines and stored crops and grain dust explosions present a high risk of fire. Furthermore, high-temperatures are reached inside engines that can easily ignite debris.

A fire in an unprotected engine compartment is difficult to detect in time and often intensifies rapidly. This type of fire is virtually impossible to control with a hand-held fire extinguisher. 

As a result of this, many new safety regulations have been introduced over several years in a growing number of countries, insurance companies, and manufacturers/ operators across the globe. These regulations stipulate the use of fully-automatic, permanently-installed fire suppression systems in agricultural machines. Fogmaker’s technology, using high-pressure water mist provides the right conditions to combat the complex conditions of a fire that may arise in an agriculture machine´s engine compartment.