Protection for you and your vehicle

Are you a motor sport enthusiast professionally or as a hobby? Perhaps your interest falls into rally, drifting, dragster or off-road. In that case you have most likely put down a great share of hours to build or fix with your car. And naturally invested quite a bit of money. A small investment when looking at the large picture, but of greatest importance is to protect you and your vehicle from an unwanted engine fire.

The Fogmaker history goes back to when a need emerged for a fire suppression system in rally cars with a situation independent container. This was the start for Fogmaker in 1995. Today we offer a very effective fire suppression system, which require a fast clean up and reset after the system has been triggered.

During an engine fire all aspects of a fire: heat, oxygen and fuel, all need to be anticipated and dealt with accordingly. These three elements of a fire are often symbolized by the fire triangle. Removing one side of the triangle may be sufficient to extinguish a fire, but because of the complicated nature of a fire in the engine compartment there are no guarantees, re-ignition may still occur. That is why a fire suppression system with a so-called triple effect that attacks all three sides of the triangle at the same time is the safest and most logical method that can be used to minimize downtime and protect the driver.

At the same time, the fire suppression system must always be ready to operate independently of human interaction, the vehicle’s position and how the vehicle is being used.

Fogmaker’s technology, using high-pressure water mist provides the right conditions to combat a possible fire that may develop in an engine. Below we give you the answers to why we highly recommend the Fogmaker system for your vehicle.

Why choosing the Fogmaker system?

Fogmaker is a reliable and well proven fire suppression system with over 160,000 installations worldwide. And it all started within the motor sport business. The main aspects listed below:

  • Works independently on the vehicle’s position
  • Adapted for ethanol and methanol
  • A robust and reliable system
  • Fast and simple cleaning after the system has been triggered
  • Quick reset of the system
  • Low service cost – annual inspection and 5 year service
  • Triple Action³ – attacks all three sides of the fire triangle
  • FIA-certified: EX.047/048.18
  • Approved by the Swedish Motorsport Association


For questions or orders

The system is currently sold via  the following Certified Swedish Fogmaker Partners. For questions and orders please turn to the Partners listed below

  • Andersson Motorsport i Växjö Phone no: 070-56 56 977
  • Fire and Service Garage, Skellefteå.  Phone no: 072-528 21 09
  • Grön Värld Svenska AB/SafeRace, Växjö. Phone no: 073 36 23 60
  • Mats Brag Svets och konstruktion, Lundsbrunn. Phone no: 070 561 76 43