Fogmaker international AB

Since 1995 Fogmaker International AB has been developing, manufacturing and marketing fire suppression systems for engine compartments with high pressure water mist.


Our fire suppression system has a unique extinguishing performance as it both cools down and smothers the fire, at the same time as the foam additive effectively prevent the fire from reigniting.

It all started in Växjö in the southern part of Sweden when a need emerged for a fire suppression system in rally cars with a situation independent container. The inventor, Mr Kennerth Samuelsson registered the Fogmaker name in 1995. But it wasn’t until 2004 when Fogmaker entered the bus market that the business started growing.

Today Fogmaker has its R&D and Manufacturing facility located in Växjö with 63 employees. We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 approved, we are working towards being IATF 16949 approved and have an annual turnover of 14 million Euros and continue to grow…

Fogmaker Core Values

EXPERTISE – We have a high level of expertise that we are constantly developing and improving. 
COMMITMENT – We are commited to our business operations, our customers and to society. 
INTEGRITY – We are honest and trustworthy in all our business operations. 

Fogmaker has the following certifications and approvals

  • UNECE R-107, 2017
  • SPCR183-approved by SP, 2016
  • SS-EN ISO 9001:2015, renewed 2016
  • SS-EN ISO 14001:2015, renewed 2016
  • AS 1851 approved by Standards Australia, 2014
  • RINA, ISO 9094-1/2, 2014
  • UL-listed, 2014
  • Bureau Veritas approved, 2009
  • SBF127- and SBF128 approved, 2004
  • Approval from the Swedish Maritime Administration, 1997

We are the first fire suppression system to pass the ­official tests and receive the certificate for UNECE Regulation 107.

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Quality and environmental policy

Fogmaker International develops, manufactures, installs and services fire suppression systems for engine compartments and enclosed spaces. Our customers are located all over the world and consist of both large OEM customers and smaller local operators. Our mission is to provide the market with efficient and environmentally friendly fire suppression systems for engine compartments and enclosed spaces.

To be successful, our business operations employ a process perspective with clear objectives and action plans related to all of the main processes at Fogmaker. To achieve our goals means we need to understand our customer’s, requirements, the regulatory requirements from the authorities and those of other stakeholders. This requires dedicated employees who understand how these requirements impact on their area of the business.

Fogmaker shall be aware of its impact on the environment by actively reducing the negative environmental aspects of its business operations that relate to our immediate environment and our products.

Main strategies for success include:

  • Nurturing and developing national and international business relations with our customers and partners/distributors
  • Facing industries in constant change through creative innovations and cost-effective product processing
  • Creating a process-oriented and highly efficient manufacturing chain
  • Being an attractive workplace that develops its employees and attracts new qualified employees
  • Generating profitability in everything we do, with a focus on sustainability and cost-awareness
  • Working to reduce our environmental impact both with regard to our immediate environment and our product, by working actively with the life cycle approach

This policy shall be reviewed and verified annually.

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