Frequently Asked Questions

What pressure should normally apply to Fogmaker's piston accumulator/cylinder?

100-105 bar at 20°C

Where is the safety screw located?

The safety screw is located by the side of the valve (generation 2) and on top of the valve (generation 1)

What's the function of the safety screw?

The safety screw locks the valve mechanism so that the extinguisher doesn’t activate unintentionally during service/installation and transportation.

What pressure should the detector bottle have by +20°C?

20-24 bar

My Fogmaker system has deployed (pressure gauge on cylinder shows no pressure/nozzle protection caps are gone/extinguishant in protected area), what should I do?

Flush the distribution system as soon as possible to prevent corrosion. Contact your nearest Fogmaker service provider here.

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Why should I use Fogmaker?

Unlike other fire suppression systems, which rely on powder, Fogmaker utilizes cutting edge water mist technology to cool and smother a fire, while also preventing a reflash.