New Distributor?

Our distributors are very important to us. 

As a distributor for Fogmaker you have full responsibility for marketing, sales, installation and services for our whole line of products in one country or geographical area.

Our distributor’s technical knowledge and knowledge of the branch are high. We keep Fogmaker distributors continuously updated with training and certifications.

Fogmaker’s high pressure water mist fire suppression system is an unbeatable fire suppression system for all types of engine compartments and other closed compartments.

Examples on applications:
– Buses
– Forest machines
– Underground machines
– Non-road mobile machinery
– Vehicles within high risk environments such as oil fields, refineries, logging mills, mines,
– Specialized vehicles (for example Military and Police vehicles)
– Diesel powered generators

We are always open to starting new collaborations with new distributors, that have knowledge of the industry and that share our belief in the importance of fire suppression systems in vehicles and other closed compartments.
If you see other areas of use for our fire suppression system we are naturally interested.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further cooperation discussions:

Fogmaker International AB
Contact: Andreas Svensson, manager
Tel. +46 470 77 22 08